The Things You Take For Granted

You don’t know exactly what they are at this point but eventually, they are going to sneak up on you and kick you right in the gizzards! I’m being serious here so let me explain!

The Things You Take For Grantedthe-things-you-take-for-granted

If you know me on a personal side, you know I’ve had my battles with skin cancer. I get checked every 6 months to see if more of those little nasty cancer bastards sneak up and out into the world on my body.

Yo, I’m not joking cause Skin Cancer is No Joke!

I’ll admit, I’ve been bad and skipped an appointment or two. Things have been on the cray cray side and I just had other priorities, other doctor appointments.

This past week I finally made it to my dermatologist. I was crossing fingers, toes, and legs. Also had my two pups crossing their paws that mommy wouldn’t be cut on.

No such luck

Don’t Let It Eat At You

As suspected, there were a couple “suspicious” spots.

With my permission, my doctor cut two chunks out of my back and has sent off to be biopsied. It could come back benign. Or it could come back as cancer and more surgery would need to be done.

I’ve already been done this road so I know the drill.

However, having two holes in my back now has left me a bit in a pickle…….

or so I thought.

It Has to Get Done

That’s right. When you have surgeries, no matter how minor, there is going to be maintenance. 

  • Remove the bandages
  • Clean
  • Apply antibiotic
  • Replace bandages

In the past, my ex-husband would help tend to spots I couldn’t reach easily. For instance, I’ve had previous “spots” removed from my back. I’ve had stitches that are about 7″ wide to clean, antibiotic, and rebandage. It’s not always easy by yourself because you can’t always reach the spots with ease.

It struck me funny so, as my normal self would posted my giggle on Facebook.


Can I tell you how super awesome my friends are! I even got numerous messages saying help was a message or call away. What an awesome feeling!

But my pride independent self just had to try ……..

Ya Gotta Laugh at Yourself

You’re not supposed to have direct water on these spots for over 24 hours. That meant, one shower with bandages was going to be easy. However, that night the bandages would need to be changed and tended too.

Oh lawd have mercy if you were a fly on the wall!

The bandage removal was easier than the replacement, however, due to bandages that are like 3″ x 5″ it was a bit easier to replace. But, I replaced with waterproof bandages so there would be no fear of the bandages coming off in the shower.

My bad!

Do you know how hard these suckers are to get off? Especially when you are reaching all the way around your back trying to grab a corner! 

I even messaged a friend asking if she would help me when I got to work!

However, that independent chick kicked in again. With a bit of dancing around, bending myself like I’m a contortionist, and cussing like a trucker, I managed to get them off.

It’s the little things that you take for granted.

Thoughtful young woman looking sideways over yellow background

Moving Forward

Thankfully, the past couple of days haven’t been like the first two. I’ve managed to remove, clean, tend to, and rebandage all by myself. 

I didn’t say it was easy…….

However, I got to thinking as a single chick now …. there are going to be more times like this. I’ve already seen a few when it comes to home repairs and now even managing my own self.

I realize there are many things that I may have taken for granted when I was married, however, that doesn’t mean that I would trade my single life for my married life if given the chance.

That also means it should not deter you from finding your own happiness.

In life, you’ll find things you took for granted. Not only in matters of the heart but in life, on the job, and other places.

But remember this one thing, there is always another way even if we have to stand in the bathroom half naked cussing at the damn bandaids cause they won’t come off and because your arms aren’t long enough!


It’s perfectly normal to take things for granted, even the smallest of small things, however, remember this is something we all have done at one time or another.

Embrace the moment, figure it out, take care of it, and be happy!

I would love to hear some of your moments. What are some of the thing(s) you’ve taken for granted and how did you manage it? Just share it below in the comments and let’s talk about it.

9 thoughts on “The Things You Take For Granted

  1. Wow, I sure hope your biopsies come back benign!
    I too have had a few times since my separation when I really missed my ex’s help but thankfully my daughters and I have been managing to improvise quite well. They’re a huge help.

  2. Bren, wow, your determination and honesty are amazing. Me? I’ve had two major back surgeries and I walk funny, but who cares. People look, stare…I stare back and smile. lol There are just too many amazing blessings to even mess with superficial stuff. I pray that you get only good news from the biopsies. Great message to not waste life. Keep writing girl….you inspire!

    1. Hi Mari! Oh my, I didn’t realize! They way I see it, if they are staring at me and talking about me, they are leaving someone else alone. 😉 But you are right. There are way too many great things out there. Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully, I get results this week! But I tell you this much, I’m anxious to ditch these bandages!

  3. You know what’s really impossible without help us doing up a bracelet! I’m lucky to have hell but if hubs is out, forget it!

    1. OMG! You just got me flashbacks! LOL It reminds me of years ago when I got sculptured nails and they were super long and I couldn’t hook my damn necklace! 😀

  4. Home repairs are a big thing right now. Those and things that require me to climb on a ladder. I’m like you in that I don’t like asking for help.

    1. I hear ya, Ruth. I am having a new storm door put in because I simply can’t do it. And my back door and window eventually. I hear ya in the ladder too! I have flood lights outside in the yard and saw 2 were burnt out. I gotta get the nerve up to grab the extended ladder out and replace them. I hate heights! I knew you were like me in the independent area. Just gotta keep pushing ourselves and find out that were are even more amazing then we originally thought! Lol

  5. Your independent streak has served you well, Bren. I so admire your determination. Best wishes for a good outcome with the biopsies! Not sure how well I would function in similar circumstances, but I think we all find a way to do the “impossible” when there’s no other choice.

    1. Thanks Debbie. I appreciate help, I truly do. But I have always been an independent woman, even as a child. I know there will come a time when all my determination in the world won’t work but until that time, gotta keep trying.

      I betcha that you could do it too, girl. Never underestimate yourself! Thank you for the kind wishes too. Muwah! Xox

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