If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself, Who Can You Laugh at?

Seriously, though, can you laugh at yourself? I try to make a point of laughing at myself. It makes me laugh even that much harder when something is at my own expense. Am I crazy?  Nah, I just like to think I know how to entertain myself! 😉

If you cant laugh at yourself

If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself, Who Can You Laugh at?

I don’t know about you but over the past 5 years, my body has gone through so whackadoodle changes. I’m very active with playing with my dogs and tell you what, running throughout my almost 2,000 square foot home with them will definitely shake your bladder!

I don’t mean to get too much into the deets (ok, who am I kidding. This is part of why I’m sharing this so you and I can laugh together), but holy Hannah! Can we not pee ourselves every 10 feet or so? Gee whiz, man!

Self-Entertainment Can be the Best

This is part of my own entertainment. The wonderful changes of being over 50 have brought both giggles and tears to my eyes. I prefer the giggles to tears so I find ways of laughing at my own damn self.

Like me, I’m sure you’re experiencing changes in body image and such. How are you handling it? Seriously, I even joke about this at work (and I work with all men). Ya just gotta poke fun about it!

The saggy boobs that once sat so perfectly even and firm. Where did they go? I have a tattoo on my left breast that I got in my early 30’s. Let me tell you, this once 3″ rose tattoo is now almost 6 1/2″ long! Mind you, if you are small breasted you may not have the same issues as use larger breasted women. Count yourselves lucky!

Giggle While You Still Can

I’m sure there is going to come a time in my 60’s or 70’s where I may not be able to laugh so quickly at myself but for now, I will!

My bladder has become a major pain the hoo-ha. Not only do I need to take more frequent bladder breaks but depending on what I drink, can definitely encourage a trip to the bathroom.

Since when did my beloved whole Milk become a diuretic? I love to have a glass of milk in the evening, generally with dinner. My dinner is between 430 and 6 pm. If I’m in bed by 9 pm, it’s guaranteed that I will be up at least 3 more times before 6 am when I get up to get ready for work.

I need to go to bathroom!

Mind you, if I’m drinking water, no issues? Can someone please ‘splain this one to me? Maybe it’s not bladder and milk just doesn’t love me anymore? Oh gawd, don’t tell me that cause I can’t give it up!

When Your OB/GYN Wants to See Even More of You

So, recently my good old doctor mentioned that word that I have been dreading to hear!


Sorry, didn’t mean to yell that to you but I know this type of procedure is supposed to me good for you and all but umm…..I think I’ll just pass!

A co-worker of mine recently had one and the doctor ended up perforating parts of his inners and he had major issues! Oh hell to the no!

I even asked about that “do it at home” thing that is out now, Cologuard. My doctor didn’t like the idea of that because (1) I’m adopted and don’t know my family history, and (2) just because I think she wants to stress me to the maximus thinking about this procedure!

So, thank you but no thanks. I prefer to put this one-off as long as possible or until I can get her to break down and allow me to “do it at home”.

On a serious note: This biggest part of this is I’m scared to death of sedation and don’t want to be put under. Too many people have gone under and not come out. I am the only caretaker for my dogs and I just can abandon them.

Contraception – On and Off Again

I have been divorced for well over a year now. I was so excited when I got separated because (1) I was going to have sex with someone! Honestly, I had not had sex in years in my marriage and not from my lack of not trying. So the sex part of it was totally a major perk!

However, I was not on birth control. I wanted to make sure I too was doing my part of the “protection”. Who wants a baby at 50? Not me.

So, I got put on the pill and had a bit of fun. Mind you, at my age and the thought of getting naked in front of someone strange was scary as hell in itself! Not to mention seeing another man or two or three or whatever naked! It’s not like we are in 20’s and all, right? I’m sure some of you single gals can definitely relate!

Fast forward because I’m not at the point where I want to kiss and tell yet……….

Due to recent blood pressure scares from hell, I came off the pill. I even came off my anti-anxiety meds but that’s for another post.

Now my “laughter” is coming from when is my cycle going to kick in and be the bloody hell that it was before? Maybe I’ll get lucky and will sneak right into menopause, cause I tell you ladies, I’m anxious to be on the other side.

However, until then, I get to make jokes about being “sexless” again (I’m not dating anyway) and waiting on Aunt Flo to come do her thing and then be gone forever. Yes, this entire circle has definitely given me some entertainment! Come on Menopause!

There are Many things to Laugh about

You really just have to find them. Being single again and living alone with two dogs has certainly given me more time to laugh than anything. My house is peaceful now. It is my safe place. pin it laugh at

I can laugh about the dog hair on the floor and the treat crumbs because I don’t entertain at home. My boy dog doesn’t allow that, especially of the male persuasion.

I can laugh at the weekends when I’m spending the entire weekend at home and decide to not take a shower the entire weekend! Yes, it can be gross but who cares? My dogs don’t. 

Something as simple as thinking you are looking your best as you walk out the door to go to work or shopping or whatnot and an hour later you see your zipper is down on your pants! OH HELL, really?

See, there are many things to laugh about, especially at your own expense. I like laughing at others but they don’t always appreciate my humor (damn snowflakes).

What About You?

Are you able to laugh at yourself and some of the wonderful midlife changes you’ve experienced? What else could you add to my list? Brain fog, maybe? Come on ladies, let’s have some laughs! Let’s share it below!

8 thoughts on “If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself, Who Can You Laugh at?

  1. I love it Bren. We need to be able to laugh about most of life, and then as we lighten up, life gets easier. I see this more every day. Amazing how we are designed. Fab post buddy.


    1. Thank you, Ryan. I’m sure you have no problem laughing at yourself. I’ve always been great at entertaining myself, even as a child, so going into midlife and beyond is going to be that much better. 😉 Appreciate your comment and share!

  2. Girl, I can SO relate! I can no longer have dairy of ANY kind and have since really started to delve deeper into ways to heal my body through food and more holistic remedies. I have fallen in love with essential oils and plant-based everything!

    AND I had my 1st colonoscopy (or attempt- but that’s a whole other story) last year. I was just as scared as you are but let me reassure you, it’s twilight sedation, it’s not general anesthesia ao you’re all good. I was so scared I was going to either wake up in the middle of the procedure or wake up and not be able to speak and be suffering and then remember it all! Honestly, one minute I was awake and the next it was over. So, I’ll encourage you to do it because that home tests are not as thorough and this really could save your life.

    1. Oh no! I love dairy so much! I can’t give it up….yet. 😉

      Did you blog about your colo experience? Would love to read it. I am just petrified so being like that with anxiety and there is no way you are getting me that way. If the cologuard comes back funky, then I’ll have to. I don’t do hospitals nor sedation at all. Just not good experiences in my family. I admire you and others who have the scopy done. Bleh…beside, an ob/gyn visit is one thing, this is even more intrusive! LOL

      So happy to see you here and have you share with us. You rock!

  3. Hehehe, too funny, Bren!! One of the signs of self assurance, happiness etc. is the ability to laugh at ourselves. I know when I lost my sense of humor during my marriage, that was the first thing to go. I was unable to see the ‘funny’ in a situation, especially if it was at my expense. 😛

    I’m happy to say that I have reclaimed that ability in spades. I agree that laughing at ourselves is the best way to cope and why be so serious, right? OMG, the over 50 body issues!
    Night sweats are the worst for me. I wake up a soggy noodle in the middle of the night and yes, of course, I have to pee. Then I freeze on the way back to bed b/c hello? Wet t-shirt not the cute kind you see in a bar-contest.

    Great post, Bren! I’m right with ya, sister. Looking forward to reading the comments on this one.

    1. Do you think we need to be pretty secure with who we are and our bodies in order to poke fun at ourselves? Girl, I crack myself up when some of this stuff happens. I can sit and just laugh and laugh. Mind you, I’ve always been easily amused.

      I’m glad you got your happiness back, girl. I tell you, a bad marriage can really kill ones spirit. Finding our way past that, after divorce, is key! Oh those night sweats, since I’ve come off my anti-anxiety meds, I’ve noticed my sweats are back. Boob sweat is the worse but when you wake and your pillow is wet and sheets? Ugh….sometimes I wonder if the dog peed on my pillow and I peed the bed! LOL

      Gotta giggle, girl. I refuse to cry over this shat! I so love seeing you here and you are sharing with us! Squeee!!! Muwah xox

  4. You sure have a gift to tell it like it is Bren!!! I mean, its just ridiculous the things that pop up after 50, even when we know they’re headed our way! Why we are so shocked when expected things happen, well I just don’t know. Geez! lol My biggest after 50 thing is my weight. Why in the heck does it go on with a blink of an eye, but takes MONTHS for the same weight to come off. That’s just not fair. Another thing is….are we shrinking? I’m short, and now I’m getting shorter? Yikes! lol Thanks for sharing…I enjoyed reading this one tons.

    1. Hi Mari! My previous lifestyle blogs got pretty raw. You would not believe some of the things we discussed. I don’t know if I’ll go back to being that raw but hey, people can still relate!

      I feel your pain on the weight. I’m in that same boat, girl. I hate it. I’ve come to realize that if I gave up everything that I love to eat and exercised every day, I will still not get back to that 150-pound girl that once thought SHE was fat. LOL As long as I’m healthy, I guess I’ll let that weight fluctuate by 5 lbs, but NO MORE THAN THAT! LOL So happy to see you here and thank you for sharing! I love women that are afraid to discuss our ever-changing body and functions at that! Muwah! xox

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