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The Good Old Days of Hobby Blogging

If you’ve been blogging for as long as I have, you may remember the days of hobby blogging. This was blogging that was done for fun, to meet new people, to build a community of like-minded individuals, and to have our voice heard.

Those days are long gone for many. Even I sold out several times to pursue a blog that makes money and follows the rules.

blogging, fun, hobby

The Good Old Days of Hobby Blogging

I started blogging, as a pet blogger, back in 2010. I made many friends along the way through blogging and as a matter of fact, am still friends with them today.

However, like myself, some changed their blogging styles/niches and decided to pursue a more lucrative journey in blogging and build a business.

Believe it or not, there are still a handful of those blogging friends from back in 2010 that are still hobby blogging. Power to them! I’m coming to rejoin you!

The fun days

Blogging was so much more fun back then. I’ve missed it so.

I didn’t follow any rules. Heck, I don’t know if SEO and keywords even existed back then.

We slapped together what was on our mind, dumped a bunch of personal photos onto it, and hit that Publish button.

Mind you, we didn’t care if we had a * or * after our blog name. If you look, I am rocking the * just to prove a point, in about a year I hope. πŸ˜‰

Words flew from our minds to our fingers to the keyboard. It was fun!

A lot of us were in a “lifestyle” niche. Inside of that was pet bloggers and mommy bloggers. It was all kind of combined effort.

Then you had the techy bloggers who were the more serious of the bunch and were jumping through hoops to please Google back then.

Most of us didn’t have a care. We had no money to spend. We even gave each other awards and did blog hops which grew our readers and fans! Believe it or not, some of that is still happening till this day!

But for some of the hobby bloggers, we got a bit antsy. We found out we could make money by monetizing our blogs, selling products, or selling services. Hey! I get it! I sold out too!

Maybe I should say “sold out” because many of my blogging friends have very successful blogging businesses.

Where Are They Now?

I reached out to my a few of my long-time gal pal bloggers and here is what they had to say about where they are now in their blogging world.

It seems like my long-time gal pals really haven’t changed their style much and put some added flare into their blogs in order to build a successful business and/or blog.

blogging, hobby, fun

Kudos ladies! You rock!

Overall, Has Blogging Changed that Much or Have We Just Changed our Style a Bit?

Depends on your niche I would think. There are still oodles of hobby bloggers out there just gabbing away. There are others sharing their expertise in knowledge, offering services, and selling products.

Whatever your reason for getting into blogging, do remember this.Β It Takes Work!

You’re not going to make it rich overnight or gain 1000 subscribers or followers.

It takes dedication, hard work, networking with others, commenting on other blogs, as well as creating content of your own and promoting it.

If you get into blogging to just share your life stories, don’t let the pressures to monetize eat at you.

Don’t let the pressures of getting a self-hosted website make you break your wallet, especially when Blogspot and are still available andΒ FREE!

You get what you put into your blog so if you’re going to be a slacker and not do the legwork, prepare to fail. Failing at one blog doesn’t mean you’ll fail at another. I think I’m on my 6th lifestyle blog now and I’m still working it. πŸ˜‰

What Do You think?

When you look at your blogging style over the years, has it changed? Did you go from hobby blogger to business entrepreneur? Or have you stayed true to what your original blogging mission was?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

17 thoughts on “The Good Old Days of Hobby Blogging

  1. Moss Clement says:

    Hi Bren,

    I see a group of friends in the blogging niche weighing it out as to whether blogging has changed or not. I would say it hasn’t changed; however, what could have change possibly would be changing your niche market or the format of content you produce.

    • Bren says:

      Hey Moss! Thank you for weighing on and good to see you here! So many of my blogging friends from way back have changed. They went from hobbier to entrepreneur. Power to them. Even I did it for awhile, however, I found out how much I missed hobby blogging versus blogging for my business. I’m assuming yours has not changed, at least from what I read.

  2. Debbie D. says:

    Hi Bren; Nice to see you back with a new blog! πŸ™‚ For me, blogging has always been a personal creative outlet. Selling items was never an objective, (Google Adsense aside. I keep it around, even though it has never paid anything. Gave up on Amazon; that was a joke. πŸ˜› So much for trying to recoup hosting costs, etc.!) and I don’t worry much about rules. On the other hand, I do want exposure for my writing and photography, so try to follow SEO practices with specific posts. Overall, learning website design and maintenance has been a fascinating experience. The occasional disasters, especially, have taught me so much in that field! The Blogosphere has definitely changed and isn’t as personal as it used to be, but we can just “keep on truckin”, whichever way we want!

    • Bren says:

      Thanks, Debbie! I totally missed blogging about everything and anything and the community feeling. I have watched your blog evolve and the years and I admire you. All the challenges you did! I can’t believe it! I don’t know that I have enough time in the world to dedicate to those nor would I put that much pressure on myself. But you did it! Rock on, girl! Yes, blogging definitely isn’t as personable as it once was unless you find yourself amongst some of the lifestyle bloggers. I’ve found some stayed true to themselves which I love! I look forward to getting back out there and finding that community again!

  3. suzie81speaks says:

    This post came at a point where I’ve been feeling a little lost as to what to do next. I totally agree with everything – I have monetised my blog and make a full-time living from it, but I miss the community and the fun without the pressure of everything that comes with being seen. That’s totally my fault – many of them have either disappeared or don’t visit anymore simply because I don’t involve myself in the community in the way that I used to. I think it is time that I got back into an element of hobby blogging just to bring back the fun of it again…

    • Bren says:

      Hey Suzie! It happens, girl. It happened to me. But just know, it’s never to late to get back into the Community. I’m happy to see that you are making a living from your blog, though. Many try and can’t achieve that. So kudos to you for that! Although the money is good or even great, a great community of like-minded people sharing and supporting one another can never be bought, right? Look forward to reading more from you and yes, jump back in!

  4. Mari Alonso says:

    Hi Bren. I enjoyed this article. What hit me the most while reading was, “If you get into blogging to just share your life stories, don’t let the pressures to monetize eat at you.” Wow! Thank you for the reminder and encouragement. One thing I’d love to see, though, is more visitors than the 0-3 that I get daily to my site. Nevertheless, I am still happy reading other blogs and writing my own, for now. Truth be told, I am getting that bug to monetize. Like you’ve said….its never too late and I am in no hurry. Thank you!

    • Bren says:

      Hi Mari and thank you! I know at times we all may be tempted to make a little extra cash but when it consumes us and takes us from our happy go lucky hobby blog to stressful business blog, that’s where a problem could be. Not for all, but some. Keep up the good work!

  5. lisa thomson-author and divorce resource says:

    Hi Bren, well as an author I began my blog to promote my first published book. Now I have three published books and so YAY but honestly? The blog isn’t necessarily what sells my books. Instead, it’s really the connection with my subscribers. My voice In the blog hasn’t changed much over the eight years but topics will vary. I’ve gotten lots of requests from companies to publish ‘guest posts’ but when I tell them my price for them to advertise on my blog, many don’t bother me again! LOL. I’m not doing it for income stream. I do hope to consistently sell my books and that’s it, so sponsored posts and big companies looking for free exposures can pay up or kiss off.

    So nice to see you back with a lifestyle blog, Bren. I really enjoy your writing style! I’ll be seeing more of you here πŸ™‚

    • Bren says:

      Hey girl! Fab to see you here at my new humble abode! You are one that I admire because you haven’t changed your voice nor your message. Sharing your helpful books and your spot on advice regarding divorce is part of what you’re about and I appreciate that! Your posts have helped me, post-divorce so please don’t change!

  6. leannelc says:

    Hi Bren – I’m one of the “oodles of hobby bloggers out there just gabbing away” and have been now since the end of 2014. I think (like most bloggers) the lure of monetizing has beckoned, but every time I look at what I’d have to do to make the almighty $$$ it just leaves me cold. I’m happily on Blogger and it costs me $0, never crashes, never glitches, just keeps soldiering on. I don’t need to make money from blogging and won’t if it means having to write about how to blog, or how to use Tailwind, or about the laundry product I’m trying to spruik. I’m just me, loving my community and loving writing from my heart. Lovely to have you back x

    • Bren says:

      Hi Leanne! I admire that you are still on Blogger. I know a few that are and are very successful despite what some of the “pros” may say. When I decided to lifestyle blog again, I actually considered it. But it’s been so long since I used it, I would need a Blogger for dummies book! πŸ˜‰ I love your blog and your spirit. Although I don’t always comment, I am reading. Keep it real, girl! xox

    • Bren says:

      I’m soooo happy to hear there are women like you and Deb out there still blogging life stories and keeping it real. THIS is what I am trying to get back to. Now that I’m single, I can gab away about it all! haha not that it stopped me in the past! πŸ˜‰

  7. Debbie Harris says:

    I’m still in the hobby blogger arena after 7 years of blogging. I admit I’ve thought of trying to make money out of it in regards to travel stuff mainly but have decided not to go that route. It’s too hard to compete, I still know next to nothing about SEO after all these years and yet I have a nice following of regulars and sometimes crack the big time. I don’t want it to take over my life and be tied to my keyboard or phone, it’s hard enough now keeping up with all the new gizmos. I’m enjoying the slower pace and doing what pleases, me these days! I enjoyed your post and hearing your thoughts of the blogging days gone by!!

    • Bren says:

      I so admire you, Debbie. I wish I never jumped on that bandwagon. I think about where I would be now in my blogging world. However, also a firm believer in “it’s never too late”. Time for me to get back to gabbing with my gal pals and sharing the finest things midlife has to offer us. Keep on doing it your way, gf!

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