The Life of a Middle-Aged Woman can be Maddening!

I have quite a few mid-life bloggers that I follow and I have to say, I LOVE IT WHEN THEY ARE BLUNT!

woman, middle-aged, mid-life

We all know life can get a bit hairy at times. But being a middle-aged woman can make that just much hairier! Think about it, if we are peri or menopausal, our emotions and thoughts may be all over the place. I know mine are! I swear I am totally cray-cray at times!

Today I want to talk about some of the crazy shat that can happen to us as we push to the other side.

The Life of a Middle-Aged Woman can be Maddening!

Crazy thoughts

Out of the blue, I can have the most heinous and insane thoughts come to mind. Not only does it happen while I sleep, but during my awake hours! There is no rhyme or reason why these thoughts happen, at least to my knowledge. I guess I may have some underlying subconscious nut-ball reasons deep inside but my other personalities are keeping it well hidden.

  • I can wake up in the morning and just say “Screw it!” I don’t feel like going to work! For absolutely no reason other than selfishly wanting ME time.
  • My insecurities can heighten for no reason or at least I think it’s no reason.
  • I find myself reminiscing about the past and relationships that I could have had if only I acted upon them. My life could be totally different now! Like I could have married a millionaire and had a young, hawt pool boy and not have to work a day in my life.
  • There are days I just want to lay around in bed all day vegging out on horror movie after horror movie! The thrill of being scared or having my senses peaked are so appealing!

Narly body changes

Seriously, when did these boobs start drooping and my bum start looking like cottage cheese? Oh yeah, maybe when I began working online and blogging so much that I can’t get my bum out of a chair? But that’s not it!

  • The lack of routine visits from Aunt Flo. What the hell? Really? Can you at least give me ONE sign?
  • I don’t know if formulations are changing but I’m having a very difficult time finding a deodorant that can tame my sweat and smell! Don’t believe all that 24-48 and 72-hour caca cause it ain’t working!
  • Weight fluctuations are a major downer. It’s hard to believe as a child, I was underweight! My weight can go up or down by 5-10 lbs. no matter how I eat or don’t exercise. I surrender to this one.
  • My hair is a major disappointment. It has been my whole entire life! I was blessed with baby fine hair. I don’t wish this on anyone! Between the thinning and the stinky sparkling streaks of madness that appear in the stupidest places, I don’t know what else to do! I’m not old enough to rock the skunk look!

Memory and inability to remember shat

It affects my work. My ability to double and triple check my work has been flawed. I’m not sure if it’s because I am all over the place and can’t think straight, or my mind just doesn’t give a shat anymore.

woman, middle-aged, mid-life

  • I drive to work in the morning second-guessing what I did before I left the house! Did I lock the back door? Did I put the trash can in the laundry room? Did I remember to put the furkids in their “spaces” and lock the gate? 
  • I can’t remember what I did over the weekend or what I wore the day before! WTF? Seriously? Are these things just not important anymore?
  • Not following through. I get these harebrained ideas that seem fab at the time. I implement them and don’t follow through! I think this may be because I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew. For some wacky reason, I like to make myself feel overwhelmed and they when I am, I beat myself up over it.

And I could continue to go on but……

I’m going to save the rest for another post. My motive for sharing all these absurd things with you is to:

  • See if you can relate
  • See if you can tell me I’m really not crazy and this is the norm

So let’s hear it!

What things are you experiencing as a middle-aged woman? Can you add to my list of MADNESS?

One thought on “The Life of a Middle-Aged Woman can be Maddening!

  1. Oh do I relate to this. I left the house one morning, got to the train station and worried about leaving the iron on. I had ironed the night before so I wasn’t even in the right day!!!!! As for harebrained ideas, I’m buzzing with them. They all seem good until I realise how rubbish they are!

    Great post!

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